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    Consonant Foaming Face Wash: 50mL Dr. Bhat's fave cleanser. Super gentle but still removes all make up and doesn't strip face of oils! Completely organic, no harsh chemicals or endocrine disrupting ingredients. Mom will love the switch!

    Mineral Rich Bath Salts:(one pouch): A TMB post-workout fave. This combo of Epsom and Himalayan Pink with give mama a relaxing bath to soothe sore muscles, support fascia and aid in destressing. 

    Lip Balm: At TMB we curate the highest quality, organic artisanal products, including our absolute FAVE local lip balm from local herbalist. Once you switch you won't go back!

    Dry Brush: Not just a hot trend - this ancient practice is actually super beneficial to keep the skin's microbiome intact. A great way to stay exfoliated, encourage lymphatic boost, circulation and relax fascia. It screams self-care!

    Cork body ball: Help loosen up tight fascia. This thing will be your new best friend. Small enough to carry around in your purse, but effective enough to release tight hips/glutes, lower back, feet, and those pesky traps!

    One week in the TMB virtual studio: Get mama what she deserves. Not a piece of gym equipment, but a luxurious movement experience. A week in our virtual studio with our magical instructors who will tone her bod head to toe, leaving her feel invigorated AND relaxed!